Acceptable Packaged Products for the Migraine Diet

  1. Cereals: Cheerios, Life, Uncle Sam, Grape Nuts, Cornflakes. Try Grape Nuts hot: 1/4 cup grape nuts, 3/4 cups milk, plus frozen blueberries. Microwave 2 minutes on high. Add sugar to taste.

  2. Smucker’s Blackberry Jam: this is important for those of us who previously used raspberry jam. Strawberry and grape is also allowed but blackberry is less ordinary!

  3. Miss orange juice? Try a product by V8 Splash called Mango Peach.

Migraine Safe Foods by Category


Acceptable purchases: Any white, wheat, rye or pumpernickel store-bought bread.
Plain or sesame seed bagels, English muffins, quick breads like pumpernickel or zucchini breads.
All yeast bread must be 24 hours old.

What to avoid: Fresh baked bread, either homemade or from the grocer’s bakery, fresh donuts, fresh breakfast Danish, nut breads, cheese bread, chocolate bread, raisin bread, bagels with dried fruit like blueberry or cranberry bagels. Remember that pizza is fresh bread.

What Do I Do When I Get to the Grocery Store?

It is difficult to follow a diet based on a list of foods to avoid and the last thing you need is a difficult stressful task added to your life. Here is a “Yes” list of foods you can eat. It was created by a patient who is also a nutritionist to save others the stress of following the “No” list. The “Yes” list will make it easier to shop and plan your diet.

Managing Headaches Without Medicine

Sandra had suffered with headaches for years just like her mother and two sisters. She knew she had to do something about them because her headaches had gotten worse and were interfering with her work and her ability to care for her 2 young children. She did not want to start taking medications though because she had always been sensitive to medicines and could see the side effects her family members were having.

How Do Hormones Cause Headaches?

Melanie was having headaches three times per week. After seeing Dr Teixido and Kelley Lester- Garrett RNP, she became aware of diet choices she was making that were causing headaches. After eliminating just a few foods the only headaches left were occurring at the time of her menstrual period. Although happy with her progress, she was frustrated that additional dietary changes did not eliminate her cycle-related headaches which are the most severe. With some preventive medications, these have now been controlled.

Magnesium: What Does Research Tell Us?

Although prescription medicines have been shown to be effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches and migraine-related conditions (migraine equivalent neuropathies), the side effects of these medications make them unattractive to some people. As an alternative, high doses of oral magnesium taken daily have proven to offer relief with more tolerable side effects.

50 Shades of Migraine

Migraine Disorder is a new, descriptive term intended to include a currently disparate group of medical symptoms and conditions which might have a common pathophysiologic etiology. The unifying idea is that there are a number of complaints that are related to a malfunction, or hypersensitivity of the sensory and autonomic nervous system in these people. Furthermore, there appears to be a common genetic influence in this neuropathy.