Traumatic Brain Injuries and Migraines

Traumatic Brain Injury and Migraines: Civilian and Military Implications

Consideration of this subject brings us to the intersection of some of the most critical issues challenging the migraine treatment community. With Memorial Day fading in the rear view mirror, we at AMD began to reflect on a number of these issues and thought looking at Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) may be as good a place as any to enter the ongoing controversy. Yes, TBI, because of its startling presence in both the military and civilian worlds, TBI could prove a very opportune place indeed.

Migraine Awareness Month – A Time to Rally for Research and Awareness

With June being National Migraine Awareness Month, I felt compelled to share critical information about migraine disease, and to encourage migraine sufferers – also known as “migraineurs” – to demand more attention, empathy and financial support for their illness. Migraineurs should band together and ask family members, friends and co-workers to join them in rallying for change.

Not Just in Your Head – An Art, Video and Writing Contest

Here’s a chance for Migraine Disorder Sufferers to get really creative!

We’re holding a contest, with prizes awarded in each category, in order to raise public awareness of non-traditional migraine symptoms (Migraine Disorders) and raise money for further research.

We are looking for Art, Video and Writing projects that capture the experience of a non-traditional migraine symptom. You might view a list of these symptoms on this page on the website.