Why Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Migraine?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychological approach to managing headaches and migraine. The reason that people with headaches and migraine see a psychologist is not because those conditions are lacking a physical basis and it is all in their imaginations.

Genetic Research: Moving Towards a Root Cause

Genetic investigations continue to make news in the world of migraine research.  As you may recall, last year (2016) our newsletter reported a number of major genetic advances.  In probably one of the best known to date, originally published in Nature Genetics, an international group of researchers isolated 38 genetic variants implicated in migraine, 28 of them previously unknown.

Migraine and Epilepsy

"Epilepsy is more than a seizure. It's a life changing and threatening condition affecting the person and their families terribly." (Julie Clark, Scotland, UK, 2017) 


Taking Stock

As an ardent follower of the recent advances in the understanding and treatment of migraine disorders I am impressed with the great strides made over the last 24 months. It is remarkable that since the 1990s and the introduction of triptans, so much significant work in both prevention and treatment is now coming to fruition. So why now? What forces conspired to move the migraine agenda forward? I think it is important that we look at this question in an effort to ascertain why these positive results have occurred and our agenda has continued to gain traction.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Migraines

Traumatic Brain Injury and Migraines: Civilian and Military Implications

Consideration of this subject brings us to the intersection of some of the most critical issues challenging the migraine treatment community. With Memorial Day fading in the rear view mirror, we at AMD began to reflect on a number of these issues and thought looking at Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) may be as good a place as any to enter the ongoing controversy. Yes, TBI, because of its startling presence in both the military and civilian worlds, TBI could prove a very opportune place indeed.

Migraine: Myth versus Reality

“There is no condition of such magnitude that is as shrouded in myth, misinformation, and mistreatment as is this condition [Migraine], and there are few conditions which are as disabling during the acute attack.”
-Dr. Joel R. Saper, M.D., F.A.C.P., Director, Michigan Head-Pain & Neurological Institute

Genetics: The Holy Grail of Migraine Research

In the end, it may be applied funding in genetics that discovers the cure or prevention that will end migraine disease. I would submit to you the “cure” or “grail” in the search for the ultimate root cause for this affliction may well be found in genetics. Our Excalibur is the science of genetics applied to migraine disease. With the answers found here we shall dispatch this affliction in all its variations, as science has done with other diseases now nearly forgotten. What a blessing bestowed on the human race to be able to say “I remember when migraines…

Dr. Godley Answers Five Questions in Providence Business News

Dr. Godley Answering Questions1. What is a migraine, and how can you know you’re having one?

A Migraine Relief Diet

Foreword for The Migraine Relief Diet is written by Frederick Godley, III, MD, FACS, President of the Association of Migraine Disorders and Michael Teixido, MD, Vice President of the Association of Migraine Disorders
(excerpted from “The Migraine Relief Diet” by Tara Spencer, (c) Callisto Media/Althea Press), available here at Amazon.com in both softcover and kindle editions)

Headache on the Hill (HOH) 2016

This is an annual event, organized by the nonprofit Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA), to advocate on behalf of Americans with disabling headache disorders. This is primarily a grassroots advocacy for increased funding of headache research. Its founder and thought-leader is Robert E. Shapiro, MD, PhD and its president is William B. Young, MD. AHDA is supported by a confederation of nonprofit headache organizations.