This 501c3 organization was founded by otolaryngologists (ENT doctors) who saw migraine at the root of many head and neck medical conditions. Migraine also affects other specialized areas of medicine. This organization is interested in collaborating with the many other effective organizations that are addressing more specific parts of this large medical animal. We will all be stronger by working together. 

Our mission

The Association of Migraine Disorders strives to expand the understanding of migraine and its true scope by supporting research, education, and awareness.

Our strategy


To develop a comprehensive research program that advances our understanding of the full spectrum of this neurologic disease, how to diagnosis the illness better and how to improve its treatment.


To share the most current and reliable information with migraine sufferers. To raise more engagement within the general public and business community. To better train medical professionals how to recognize and to treat this illness.


To seek consensus and improve communication between the medical specialties and other organizations that this multisystem disease touches

What makes us different

The Association of Migraine Disorders is a unique nonprofit organization. While supporting efforts to combat migraine headache disease, we also fight for the concept that migraine affects much more of the nervous system. We suspect that this is because the multiple potential genetic defects underlying migraine, the influence of nerve centers in the brainstem and hormonal effects on the nervous system are not restricted to the pain pathways.

The study of migraine is essentially the study of pain pathways and the most basic functions of the brain. Support of migraine research is sure to lead to better understanding and treatments of many other conditions, such as brain trauma, alternatives to opioids, mood disorders, dizziness and sleep.

AMD has developed a comprehensive program that helps not only to fund specific research projects, but also to launch the careers of those willing to specialize in migraine research. We offer programs to introduce students into this area of neuroscience, through shadowing programs, travel grants, small introductory grants and then support more experienced researchers to explore new ideas with intermediate-sized grants, managed by the Migraine Research Foundation. Our expectation is that the best of these ideas will be ready to apply to much larger grants, such as those offered by NIH. The most unique aspect of our program is our support of interdisciplinary migraine-relatedresearch at the Brown Institute for Brain Science and the funding of a post-doctoral fellowship in migraine research.

We also believe that patients will be better served if more medical professionals learn how to recognize and treat migraine disorders. In cooperation with existing teaching programs, our organization aims to develop complementary teaching materials for practitioners at all levels of training in multiple specialties.

We hope to have migraine disease rise in the public consciousness proportionate to its impact on people’s lives and families. And to have businesses discover how their support of this cause will improve the health and productivity of their employees.

Our Corporate Partners

The Association of Migraine Disorders is grateful to our generous corporate partners for their support as we work to make a difference for migraine patients.