2017: A breakthrough year for migraine?

The last year has been one of enormous promise for the prevention and treatment of migraine disease. Vigorous clinical trials of CGRP antibodies being aggressively pursued by Big Pharma, groundbreaking genetics research, and new developments in the area of neuromodulation have all led a renowned  migraine expert, Dr. David Dodick, Chair of the American Migraine Foundation, to declare "2017 will be a breakthrough year for migraine". Expectations are set very high indeed.

Advances in Non-Drug Therapies for Migraine

If you follow our Twitter postings with any degree of regularity you may recognize many of the devices/procedures summarized here. It was the recent release of the Cefaly II device that caused me to think that our followers deserved an up-to-date look at the devices available, especially if one was looking to add it to their treatment regimen.  Migraine treatment research has recently enjoyed a considerable, and hopeful, boost in both productivity and visibility. No doubt much of this is prompted by the potential market of 36 million enthusiastic consumers.

A Pharmaceutical Industry Update

This month, just prior to June Migraine Awareness Month, AMD is providing a comprehensive update on the FDA’s news and approvals of migraine medications. We think this is useful as it gives you a longitudinal look at the most current developments in migraine research including approvals, drugs in clinical trials, and recent industry news which could impact treatment options down the road.