We have 2 separate events taking place on Friday, June 23.

The "Hot Topics in Migraine" Panel Discussion was a free event, open to the public.  Details below

The Mad Hatter Party is an effort to cross-pollinate ideas from the various communities that have an interest in migraine and pain management.  Association of Migraine Disorders is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to changing the public perception and the management of migraine disease.  

We have an interest in exploring the relationship between migraine and other related medical conditions, including fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, concussions, head trauma, pelvic floor pain and more.  We believe that the study of migraine disease will help to understand the common neurobiology: genetics, neuroplasticity, dietary influences and hormonal effects on the nervous system. 

The evening provided great food, interesting entertainment and a range of guests including politicians, business leaders, researchers, physicians, people who live with migraine, pharmaceutical representatives, migraine advocates and supporters. 

This year’s entertainment featured the music of La Bella Musica and The Heartland Nomads.

We acknowledged some of the most impactful and influential people in the field of migraine.  The winners of this year's awards are:

AMD Special Advocacy Award - Senator Sheldon Whitehouse - U.S. Senator, a lead co-sponsor of CARA (Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act)  which was the vehicle the carried the STOP Pain provisions so important in migraine research funding.

AMD Innovation Award - Dale Bond, PhD - Brown University Professor and researcher who is interested in the effects of behavioral weight loss interventions on migraine.

AMD Impact Award - Katie Golden Professional Patient, Writer for Migraine.com, Blogger at GoldenGraine.com, US Pain Ambassador, Patient Advocate, Speaker & Freelance Writer


AMD is proud to announce that this year's emcee will be BARBARA MORSE SILVA, Anchor, NBC 10 News Weekends and Health Check Reporter. And there will be a special video message from Cindy McCain.

When:  Friday, June 23, 2017, 2017, 6:00-9:30 pm
Where: The Squantum Association, 947 Veterans Memorial Parkway,  Riverside, Rhode Island

Hot Topics in Migraine

Panel Discussion  4:30 - 6:00pm
A series of short presentations by experts, followed by an open discussion
This took place before the Mad Hatter Party at the Squantum Association in Riverside, RI
To view a recording of this panel visit our YouTube channel
Robert Shapiro, MD - The fight for migraine research funding 
Dr. Shapiro has led a long-term strategy to protect and increase federal funding of migraine research.  He has emphasized the value of studying the pain pathways as a method to improve outcomes from head trauma and to develop alternatives to opioids.  He will discuss the current political landscape for pain research.
Brian McGeeney, MD The pros and cons of marijuana for pain control
Dr. McGeeney is a well-recognized academic neurologist who has developed an expertise in the history of opioids and marijuana in pain control.
Lyn Griffiths, PhD The new reality of genetic screening
Dr. Griffiths has worked in the field of genetic testing for migraine for years.  She is a pioneer in performing the research necessary to link specific genetic defects to potential therapeutics and identifying a genetic defect that puts some people at higher risk of chronic headaches after brain injury.
Richard Boles, MD The promise of the Avantra genetic test for migraine
Dr. Boles is the Medical Director at Courtagen and subsidiary Avantra.   His clinical and research focus has been on genetic changes in genes involved in energy metabolism, and more recently ion channels, and their effects on the development of migraine.  Avantra uses Next Generation Sequencing to provide custom reports, interpreted by industry-leading geneticists to assist doctors in making the most informed treatment recommendations.
Anne St Goar, MD Can MDMA play a part in migraine relief?
Dr. St Goar retired from her Boston-based Internal Medicine practice and dove into the subject of 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) for PTSD.  She has recently completed her certification and can share her newfound knowledge on this subject.

We use Facebook Live to stream this discussion for people who could not attend in person.

FB page link where stream appears: https://www.facebook.com/MigraineDisorders



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